Chapter 10 – Sri Krsna, Sannyasa & Brajabandhu “The Dream”

One night in a dream, Krsna decorated with a peacock feather in His hair and effulgence all around Him, appeared before Brajabandhu’s wife Vasanti Devi. Next to Krsna was Brajabandhu in the dress of a sannyasi with tilaka, sikha saffron clothing. When she woke up she realized that her husband would soon leave home and take sannyasa. When Brajabandhu was going to leave home, he just gave his wife the indication that he intended to go to the Sivananda Ashram and would remain there. She asked, “How am I to maintain these seven children?” and he said to her, “If I join the asrama then it will be beneficial to you and I’ll also come to you.” He told her this much, but nothing else. He was outwardly, apparently, showing that he was a good grhastha, but inwardly he was showing he was not attached to being a grhastha, but that he was transcendental.

Something Extraordinary

Previously a palmist had told Vasanti Devi, “Your husband will be separated from you.” Then she also dreamt twice that her husband would going away. So she suspected that, one day her husband would leave her. She felt she should not leave her husband alone.

At that time Brajabandhu’s mother was very old; she was very ill and living in the family house in Jagannathpur. Vasanti Devi was with her husband in Kujang.

Because Brajabandhu’s mother was very sick his wife told him, “Bring mother here so that we can look after her properly.” But he said, “No, no, no, you go and take care of her there.” He wanted to send his wife to Jagannathpur while he stayed in Kujang. She realized that he was going to leave her so she said, “No, no, no, you just go and bring your mother here so that we can look after her together.” But he was persistent, so Vasanti Devi went to Jagannathpur and he stayed in Kujang. His mother was very ill and Vasanti Devi looked after her; everyone knew that she would not stay much longer in this world.

In later years, when Vasanti Devi was asked if she thought that her husband was different to others she replied, “One year prior to my husband’s leaving home I could understand that he was something extraordinary, but not before!”

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