Chapter 32 Part 2 The Hidden Acarya


Part II

Lagudi dasa took the opportunity to learn from his association with Gour Govinda Maharaja at that time, and later on said, “I could realize at least that I am not the body. I could realize that there were two persons in the body of Gour Govinda Maharaja. One person was inside, and a different activity was going on. I was perceiving, one person was inside and one was the body; they were different, two kinds of activity were going on. I could at least understand that I was not the body. I could not see this in the books (of Srila Prabhupada). I did not have the full idea that I was not the body; but after experiencing Gour Govinda Maharaja’s symptoms, I was put into the situation that I could really believe it. That we are not the body, we are a spiritual soul, and we can enjoy spiritual rasa without depending on the body. I came to realise this by watching Gour Govinda Maharaja in this so-called ‘sick period’ of his life. I was able to realize that the soul is aloof from the body, he was not dependent on any external thing – for living, for anything. I perceived he did not depend on food, not on anything.”

Srila Gour Govinda Maharaja was not eating very much, not drinking, not sleeping for this whole period. If he did anything, it was very little; these were not normal conditions of life. Sometimes he would have one cup of water all day, maybe, and sometimes not. Lagudi dasa would give him water and he would knock it over. Lagudi dasa said that he could see two persons – the outside person looking very strange, and the inside person was very happy – in ecstacy.

He was taken to many other doctors; they all said the same thing, “He is not sick.” Then he was taken on the Mayapur temple bus to a physician who administered herbs to him. On the way to the doctor, one devotee told everyone on the bus, Lagudi dasa included, to chant their gayatri-mantra for ghosts, and they all broke their sacred threads. Only Lagudi dasa did not chant his gayatri and did not break his sacred brahmana thread. Lagudi dasa said, “I just chanted Hare Krsna. I knew that his maturity would be shown by his preaching Krsna consciousness. They thought they should chant their gayatri to scare ghosts off because they thought Gour Govinda Maharaja wsa being attacked by ghosts.” Gour Govinda Maharaja did not know where they were taking him; he never knew.

The name of this doctor was Ratnagarbha Maharaja. When they arrived at his practice, the kaviraja administered herbs to Gour Govinda Maharaja’s neck and on the basis of his diagnoses he said, “No he is not sick.” But he also said, “There is too much spiritual potency here for him. Take him out of the dhama. Get him out of Mayapura, the internal relationship is too strong. Get him out of the dhama, don’t go to either Vrndavan or Mayapura; no big kirtanas; don’t go to the Yamuna or the Ganges.”

He was then taken back to the Mayapura temple and back to the room. He was still the same. One of the managers from Mayapur temple came to see what was going on and Lagudi explained the situation to him and he said, “Just keep him locked up in the room.”

Lagudi dasa: So I looked after him, but it was not easy; we had him locked in the room and he was trying to break out – kicking, ripping up things. He was kicking the door; he wanted to get out. We tied him with a dhoti – his legs and hands. He was so strong, he would stand up and fall down. It was unbelievable; it would scare me. We had two rooms, one was a bedroom and the other was a bathroom. I would carry him to and from the toilet; he had gone from his normal body weight to half his normal body weight; he was very easy to carry around. His legs were like arms, but he was so strong. I could not hold him down. Before, he would walk up to twenty miles a day to preach door to door. He never took a taxi or rickshaw, he walked everywhere; this was the first time he had been sick – had never been sick.

At one stage Gour Govinda Maharaja could not hear and forgot all the languages that he knew; he spoke many languages, including Oriya, Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali and English. His whole body transformed; sometimes he was sweating, sometimes shivering; his whole body changed color, from white to blue, to red color, to pink. Lagudi dasa ws experiencing the whole transformation of His Divine Grace Gour Govinda Maharaja.

Then Gour Govinda Maharaja would show great humility, all day long paying obeisances, flat on the ground. In the long building, if some devotee passed by he would immediately offer full dandavats (obeisances) to anyone and everyone. Some would step on his hands accidentally, because they did not expect him to do that. They would just walk by, not even entering the room, just walk by – and he would see them and offer full dandavata whether it was a senior devotee or a junior devotee.

Then at one stage of his supposed illness he thought that there was a swing in the room, like swinging the deities. Lagudi dasa could not understand what he was doing; Lagudi dasa would just sit in the room chanting japaa and Gour Govinda Maharaja was sometimes laughing and sometimes crying, sometimes rolling on the ground.*

Then the most amazing thing happened, in Lagudi Prabhu’s own words, “He changed body, like a woman, from top to the bottom, whole transformation – his body looked like a woman’s with a sari on…”

*Lagudi dasa had acted as Gour Govinda Maharaja’s servant for approximately four months and had personally witnessed many symptoms in the body of His Divine Grace Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja. Also in the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu the symptom of sattvika-bhava – transcendental ecstatcy are listed. There are eight in all: 1. becoming stunned, 2. Perspiring, 3. Hair standing on end, 4. Faltering voice, 5. trembling, 6. changing of bodily color, 7. tears and 8. devastation. Lagudi dasa witnessed at different times these eight transcendental symptoms in the body of His Divine Grace Gour Govinda Maharaja. It should also be understood that symptom number six, changing of bodily color is a very rare symptom to observe.

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